she who started

As this is the first post of 2019, I feel my Southern upbringing kicking in.

I feel the need to offer a nice and slow greeting at the door, give a hug, ask how you are doing, offer the house wine (sweet tea), and then have perfectly planned treats to eat while sitting in the living room talking about life and bad hair days.

This is me giving you a hug. (((Squeeze)))

This is me asking how you are doing. Truly. No surface bullshit.

This is me offering sweet tea/“the treats” and you saying no because:

(a) The thought of sweet tea makes you gag.


(b) You’re watching the sugar and carbs because it’s January 1.

And finally, this is me offering you a seat to pour your heart out about that bad hair day and to jump up and down that Kelly Clarkson is coming to Greenville.

Welcome to my fresh little online space that is currently requiring all my ladyballs.

It has a story - but doesn’t everything?! It has had a start before and then a pause. I choose not to call it a stop because I always knew I would get back to it at just the right time. Here we are a year later and it feels 100% the right time for it’s arrival. Yes, I have the mixed feels of peace and puking. But that’s normal, right?!!

I have some glorious ideas for this space in 2019. But the most important idea for it is me showing up.

See, anyone who knows me knows that I have had some hell-ish experiences in life and showed up. But 2018 was a hardddd year. It was the year I allowed my day job to consume me. It was a year unlike anything I’ve experienced before career-wise and the affects of it have taken a toll. By October, I realized I am a shell of who I use to be. And in November I decided to no longer isolate and reached out for a lifeline.

During the past two months I have been slowing waking myself up from being numb. Re-discovering my feels, my language, and my people. I am still working on it and probably will be for the entirety of 2019.

This is my starting line. And I am just tenacious enough this go around to show up each day with my flops, flips, and “yassssss queen” moments.

I’ve pulled the trigger today to open this space and I’m pretty damn proud of myself.