I'm Karen - a thirty-something Virgo who can be found by the carbs or in Greenville, South Carolina.

Art, gritty community, alll the music, Diet Coke, books, design so good it makes you do the "Big O", Autumn, Jane Eyre, 100% cotton, Pinterest, a map of desires, and brown paper packages tied up with strings are a few of my favorites.


Life is lived with Sinatra, Patsy Cline, Stevie Wonder, Ella, ABBA, Spice Girls, and Beyonce as part of the soundtrack. Because life should have a soundtrack involving vinyl and/or an iPhone.

#MadlyEntangled since 1999 to the fine man who willingly runs out to grab my "shark week" supplies, partners with me in the everyday crazy of life, knows what Netflix movie to que up without asking, and adores all my many (many) curvaceous bits - including the assorted crinkles of my bodacious brain.

He's also the man who can handle my well-pronounced f-bombs without wearing a cup - regardless if the bombs are for him or about life in general. Together we have two wild and witty neurodiverse boys who drive us to laugh, cry, and occasionally drink late at night. (Me? An Olivia Pope sized wine glass of Moscato. Him? Guinness.) Each day they give us the adventure of looking at life through the lens of ADD, APD, and Autism.

Want to know more? Fantastic. I love curious people. Keep scrolling like you do on the IG and I think you’ll get what you’re looking for.


the why

You will find I hold a fierce love for people - the wannabe perfectionists, the celebrated, the labeled "fuck-ups", the accepted, the rejected, and all the ones in between. Humans are way too glorious to be used as punching bags for gross sweat to land on. Each of us has a storied life deserving to be witnessed and deserving of connection no matter if we are at our "worse" or at our "best". Braving to write/create (again) in this space is giving myself what lights me up to give others - the welcome and witness in daring to be.


the where

It all started when I was born and raised in a faith-based cult - which gives me all sorts of writing material. I grew up struggling with my weight/body image and poverty. Married my first love who was a refreshing speed of "normal" with his celebrating of holidays and you know… having fun. Something that’s not allowed in your typical cult culture. We brought two wild and witty boys into the world - one with special needs (more writing material). Got crushed by said first love in an extremely public way (a tsunami of writing material).  Loads of good and gritty healing took place. Which led to the miracle of remaining together like Noah & Allie, Beyonce & Jay-Z, and Jane & Mr. Rochester.

Today I sit here giving credit to this storied life of mine in how it gave me a unique depth of empathy to draw from for fellow human beings.

During the past decade of showing up on the wild wild web, I’ve mingled and masterminded at various tables in the worlds of blogging, social media, and social justice along with crafting a couple of my own magical tables - a community for marginalized women dealing with our criminal justice system and launching a successful admin/web design business. I crawled away from all the tables when I started feeling the need to rock myself in the corner of a closet (advocacy/creativity burnout is legit, y'all).

After taking a year-ish off to recuperate, I thought going back to some simple office work would be a great reset/refresh. (I'm so funny. And cute. Verrry cute.)  Over three years later I’m at the same office doing all things HR for a hospice agency. I’ve decided it’s now time to get back to what makes my heart beat fast with joy - braving the work of getting back to my words and each of you oh so fine people.