I am cordially and enthusiastically invited to my present self. I dare to wake up and show up as I am, as I am becoming. I am not a problem to fix or a shame to hide. I choose to witness my full, storied self with compassion and celebration. Movement, just as much as stillness, unearths a fresh knowing of my truths. Knowing brings power to illuminate the way for myself - and others. The entirety of my being transforms daily as I decide to rise. I choose to take myself off the hook. I am not here to forever be caught in the shallows of doubt, fear, and isolation. I am insightful, resourceful, and full of possibilities that I drink in day and night. I dare to believe there can be a space where self and truth, grit and glory can been revealed, seen, and rallied around. I choose to burn the pedestals I placed others on and the pitchforks I’ve pummeled towards some as I am learning we are all in this together, side by side - not above or below. Serving myself with the grace of fully braving seen paves the way to serve others with empathy and inclusion. I was created to take up space. To embody the fullness of my being. Belonging is my fate. Shrinking is no longer an option. The tables have been turned. Stories of being too much or too little no longer has its grip over my throat. This is my declaration of daring.