You are braving something right this very second. It may be something small, big, or venti - yet unlike your Starbucks™ order, size doesn’t matter.

You’re scared shitless at the idea of your truths being revealed - to them, to him, to her…to yourself.

You’re exhausted of the She-Ra™ level of strength required to conceal your truest self.

Isolation under the name of “self-care” use to be the solution, but days (or months) later it’s left you numb and feeling like a shell of who you once were.

You feel shame over the internal stories created around the stops and the restarts.

You’re paralyzed by waves of fear crashing into you at the idea of being known.

Yet in that very same breath you deeply desire to be seen fully, in the present, as you are.

How am I aware of all of this?

Because I’ve found myself there - shrinking, condensing, editing, and concealing - for way too long.

I’ve decided it’s time to liberate and reclaim.

And my gut has a feeling (no, it’s not the loaded Supreme pizza I ate at 2am) that I’m not alone in this.